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How to Make Your Sunglasses Last for Many Years

We carry sunglasses with us everywhere, and they are undoubtedly the accessory we put on and take off the most times during the day. They can quickly end up in inappropriate places, making them very vulnerable. To make your sunglasses last for a long time, we've listed some useful cleaning and care tips so that you can hopefully enjoy them for many years to come.

Place Your Sunglasses Correctly

The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your sunglasses is to prevent scratches by avoid laying them with the lens side down. The lens cannot be ground as it would damage the surface and the filters that protect your eyes. Once scratched, the damage is unfortunately permanent. Always place your sunglasses with the lens facing up.

Proper Storage

You probably know the scenario: You arrive at the office and the sunglasses go into your bag. On your drive home you stop to refuel, and the sunglasses end up on the dashboard. Later you go shopping, and when you enter the store, the sunglasses end up in your hair or in the breast pocket of your shirt. By placing your sunglasses anywhere other than in a case, you expose them to the risk of scratches and damage. In a bag they can easily get scratched by keys or other items, or the frame can become bent or break. In the car they might fall when you start driving or can be exposed to high heat or cold if left on the dashboard. Storing them in your hair isn't good for the frame, which can get loose or bent and might be affected by hair products. So, be mindful to store your sunglasses in a case when you're not wearing them. A hardcover is the most protective, but a soft version is also a good solution and much better than not using a case at all.

Daily Bath

Your sunglasses love a daily bath. Use a little dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water and wash gently with your hands or a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid alcohol, ammonia, and other chemicals as they can damage both the frame and the surface treatment of the sunglasses.

Microfiber Lens Cloth

If you need to remove a spot during the day, polish your sunglasses with a specially made microfiber lens cloth. At Carlottas Village all our glasses and sunglasses come with a microfiber lens cloth with care and maintenance tips written on the back. We recommend washing it regularly at 40 degrees Celsius without fabric softener, as it can cause streaks on the lenses.

Don't Use Your Clothes

It might be tempting to polish your sunglasses with your T-shirt or shirt if you're in a hurry. But avoid using your clothing as a polishing cloth, as it can leave scratches. The same goes for paper napkins.

Cleaning on the Go

If you're not near lukewarm water and dish soap, a microfiber cloth is the best solution. Perhaps combined with a little water from your water bottle. If you accidentally get chemicals or saltwater on your sunglasses, rinse them immediately with clean water.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Frame

Like the lenses, frames benefit from a daily bath with dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water. This helps remove sunscreen, face cream, hair products, sweat etc., which can damage the surface of the frame. Avoid bending or twisting the arms. They can become bent and in the worst case break. If you make your sunglasses crooked or they become loose over time, the best solution would be to visit an optician who can adjust them for you.

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