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How to find out which glasses suit your face

Finding the right glasses for your face shape is important

Finding out which glasses suit your face has a lot to do with your face shape. And - naturally - the size of the frame. Read more about eyewear sizes here.

In this article we will dig deeper into how your face shape guides you to choose your glasses - or at least why it should have a say in - which glasses you choose.

A lot of people ask us "Which glasses suit me?". To make it easier to find the answer and get a simple guideline we will group the face shapes into a few well known geometrical shapes:

  • Oval face shapes
  • Rectangular face shapes
  • Round face shapes
  • Triangular face shapes
  • Heart face shapes

Finding the right shape and fit of your glasses is important. It has a big influence both on your vision and your appearance. So the shape of your eyewear is important to both the functionality of your glasses and the aesthetics. Even though we all know that you cannot judge a person by their looks it is important for our self confidence and well being to show our best to the world. Also on the outside...

So let´s get started!

First, you have to find out which one of the above mentioned shapes is most like your face shape.

Face shape versus head shape

It is important that you notice that you are interested in finding the shape of your face only. Not the shape of your head

In the below example you will see that the face shape can be different from the head shape. Your haircut can make a big difference. Especially if you have a fringe covering your forehead. So bear in mind that if you change your haircut you might need a new shape of glasses as well to support your new look at it´s best.


Face shape versus head shape


This girl has a heart face shape. Mostly caused by her fringe. If she did not have this fringe her face shape would be oval. And that would make a big difference in the selection of eyewear that would suit her best.

But let´s get to it:

How to find your face shape

To find your own face shape you can do it in at least two different ways:

  • The digital way: take a photo of yourself and draw the different shapes as outlines in a drawing program (e.g. MS Paint for PC). Then fit them on top of your photo like it is shown in the example above.
  • The analog way: Look at your self in the mirror e.g. in your bathroom and use a removable marker or lip/eyebrow pencil to draw an outline of your face. Then look at the outline and decide which shape it resembles most.

And no worries; almost nobody has a face shaped exactly like the example shapes.

Now you´re ready for the fun part - finding out which glasses suit you. Below we line out the glasses most suitable for the different face shapes.

Also here it is important to bear in mind that there are no right answers. You might wish to go against the classical recommendations to make a statement of your look!

Anyways, here are our recommendations for finding the glasses that suit your face:

Glasses for the oval face shape

The oval face shape is considered the most harmonic of the face shapes. So "ovals" are lucky; they can basically wear any shape of glasses. Also the more outstanding shapes like cat-eyes or butterfly shapes for a feminine look. Or chunky frames for a more masculine approach.

So with the oval face shape it is more a question of size and colour.


 Oval face shape


Glasses for the rectangular face shape

The rectangular face shape is a strong looking face shape due to the square jawline. So to obtain harmony you should look for glasses in the more soft shapes like round glasses. Also the panto shape which is a round but not circular shape will look good on a rectangular face. If you wish to stand out a bit more you could try an oval frame. Oval frames are not for everyone but for those who like them it adds a very distinguished and elegant touch to your appearance. For the feminine audience a cat-eye shape is also good on the rectangular face shape. For the sake of harmony you can try to find glasses where the upper frim of the frame follows your eyebrows.


 Rectangular face shape




Glasses for the round face shape

The round face shape is a soft shape with often grants the person a youthful look (win-win!). In this case you often wish to add a little sharpness and this can be done by choosing glasses with a square or rectangular shape. It is often also a good idea to choose the more chunky versions of a shape to add character to your face. 



The aviator (the pilot shape) will also work for a round face if it is slightly large. If it is too small it will emphasize round cheeks.

The cat eye will also look good on a round face when it is wide enough. See the example below


 Round face shape frame size


Glasses for the heart face shape

The heart shaped face is recognized by the narrow jawline ending in a pointed chin. The forehead is wider than the jawline. Sometimes also referenced as a reverted drop shape. 

It is a softly shaped face so be careful with chunky and distinguished square shapes. They will often be too overwhelming for the heart shaped face. Hybrids with a squarish browline and a soft rounded lower rim like pantos would be perfect. A soft cat eye will also work greatly. Especially if you wish to emphasize a feminine look. And the oval if you are into this shape. It is a little daring for many people, but you should really try it on. It adds such a great, elegant touch to your appearance. 

 Heart face shape



Glasses for the triangular face shape

The triangular face shape is less common than the above mentioned face shapes. And often not as close to the geometrical shape as the aforementioned. The characteristics are that the face has a strong jawline like the rectangular shape, but with the triangular shape the forehead is narrower that the jawline.

Sometimes it is also referenced as a drop shaped face.

So to achieve harmony we wish to add some strength to the upper part of the face. Socalled browline glasses are perfect as they have a significant upper rim and a subtle rim for the rest. This effect is also achieved with gradient materials that are darker at the upper frame and get gradually lighter downwards. Rimless frames could also be a great option for triangular faces.


Triangular face shape



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