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It happened again and again...

So many glasses and yet not exactly the ones that made us go” YES” we must have those. That is how we felt when we visited the many eyeglass exhibitions around the world, for Bo’s job as an agent for international eyeglass brands. The beautiful booths and frames, like jellybeans in a candy store. A bombardment of impressions. Yet the right glasses were never there.

We agreed that when we could not find the glasses we wanted, we had to make them ourselves. That was the kick-off that created the brand Carlottas Village. And Charlottes dream of designing full time, came true.


A new and aesthetic perspective on eyewear design

We observed a beginning trend and a rising demand for eyewear made of acetate; a cotton-based material, that fit our style perfectly. Charlotte sharpened her pencil and went to work. The first collection consisted of 3 different models in 3 different colors. Bo got them in his hand and took them with him to the optician shops in Denmark. They were excited. It was new and had a different perspective aesthetically, that was unseen in the business. We have not looked back since, and from here we have reached further out into the world and expanded our product lineup.

Bo knows everything about eyewear

Bo has more than 20 years of experience in the eyewear business and has used glasses since he was a child. He has tried almost all the glasses the market could offer and knows exactly what is important for a pair of glasses.

Both when you need to wear it and when you wish to sell it. It is the same: aesthetics, quality and function. He loves to have fun and can be a stubborn fellow. He does not allow himself to be limited and goes only for the best solution.

He loves being on the road with a good cup of coffee on the side and rock music on the playlist. He never says no to a chat about the world situation and spends every spare minute of time in the woods with the company of his hound.

Charlottes fuel is aesthetics and design

Charlotte loves nerding out design. She has expressed herself visually her whole life and has a need to create. Charlottes fuel is aesthetics and design.  She plays colours like an instrument. Finding new combinations is like composing a new piece of music. She gets her inspiration from many sources in her surroundings; people, art, architecture or even a beam of light passing.

Charlotte thinks it is a great satisfaction seeing a person’s eyes light up with joy, when they have put on a pair of glasses that fit them perfectly. She often gets complimented for her personal style and is good at spotting trends. Charlotte works with personal branding as well and knows that your appearance plays a big part in your personal brand. It gives confidence to know that you are sending exactly the signals you planned to send.

The worlds first one-piece 3D printed titanium glasses. We were told it could not be done.

Charlotte & Bo are a couple of inventive types, they always must try if something can be done. Especially if others say it cannot. 

"When we brainstorm there is rarely far from thought into action, and that was how we ended up creating the worlds first one-piece 3D printed titanium glasses. Because we were told we could not."

In that same way Carlottas Village has developed colors, shapes and materials that are completely their own. Acetate is still their favorite material. It has an almost infinite amount of options for colors, patterns and structures and its based-on cotton - thus 100 % degradable in nature. Today they work primarily with acetate, titanium and surgicial steel for their eyewear.

"We thought about sustainability long before it was a trend. Naturally."

We thought about sustainability long before it was a trend. Our glasses have a low carbon footprint. They all have a low weight and a long lifetime. Our materials are reusable and biodegradable. And they are - of course - allergy friendly.

It means a lot to us that we can vouch for our products. That is why we have selected three main materials to work with; cotton based acetate, titanium and surgical steel.


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