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Recyclable | 24 months guarantee | Biodegradable

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Reading glasses

Single plus powers (reading lenses) can be mounted in any type of frame that we offer. With or without tinted or sun lenses, so no matter what subscriptions you have, this is an excellent way of taking good care of your eyes and your general health.

Here is how you do it: Find your favourite frame and choose frame and lens colour. Hit the "Fit in my powers" button and move on to choose your lenses.

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You might wish to have a blue light filter coating on your reading glasses. Why use blue light filter with your lenses? The blue light of digital devices can cause headaches, eye strain and disturb your sleeping pattern. A blue light filter coating is a blue light blocker. Even with the blue light blocker we recommend taking pauses from digital devices such as computers, smartphones and TV-sets during the day.

By the way - all Carlottas Village glasses can be fitted with any lens of your choice; sun lenses for use as sunglasses. With powers according to your subscription or just as they are. We can also fit them with reading glasses to make your own personal ready readers.

The best glasses come with the best service

At Carlotta’s Village we care as much about our customers as we do about our products. Besides wanting to create the best and most stylish glasses and frames on the market, we also want to make a unique experience when you shop with us. Therefore, we guarantee you the best costumer support and the best service.

When you buy your glasses with us, you always get speedy delivery. When you buy a frame only it will be delivered within 2-4 workdays depending on your location.

When you buy a frame with powered and/or coloured lenses it will take around 2 weeks to produce and mount your personalized options and ship the finished glasses to you.

Furthermore, our customer service is always ready to help you with anything you are curious about. Finding the right design for instance. Many of our costumers have questions regarding how to match the right colours, how to find the right glasses for their head or face shape and a lot more. So, do not hold yourself back. There is no question that we have not heard and answered before. We make it completely safe to buy our glasses online. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Write an email to service(at) or use the contact form here.

What is reading glasses?

Reading glasses have lenses that compensate for the fact that your eyes can no longer focus correctly at close distances. Typically starting with +1 powers. "Ready readers" have the same power at both eyes. 

When do I need reading glasses? 

As you get older - typically in your 40´ties - your eye muscles become less able to focus on close objects. So text will look blurry. In the beginning you can compensate by moving the text further away, but when this no longer works you need reading glasses. We recommend not to wait too long as you could get neck strains, fatique and head aches from not being able to see well. 

Do I need reading glasses?

An easy way to check if you need reading glasses is to pay attention to whether you have started moving papers or you phone away from you eyes? When you begin to stretch your arms to read the object you hold it is time. For starters it is often fine with a +1 power.

How do reading glasses work?

Reading glasses have lenses that are basically magnifiers. They compensate for the fact that your eye muscles lose their flexibility as you get older and you see text blurry or "too small" to read.

You can also check out our FAQ.


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