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Recyclable | 24 months guarantee | Biodegradable

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Cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses from Carlottas Village

Our collection of cat eye eyeglasses offers a sharp and modern design for women of all ages. Cat eye glasses from Carlottas Village pick up the Scandinavian design tradition adding an international and trendy touch. The cat eye shape lifts up your face and adds freshness and optimism to your look. A very stylish and positive shape with a tad of boldness. It was introduced in the 1950´ies and has now become an icon loved by women all over the world.

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Cat eye glasses come in many sizes and materials

Acetate, titanium and steel glasses are the most common and most popular types of glasses today, both among men and women of all ages. And there is no doubt why!

What makes cat eye frames form Carlottas Village unique, is that we use only the best quality of materials available at the market. All our materials are recyclable and biodegradable as well as allergy friendly. In combination with the low weight and the long life cycle of our eyewear they all have a low carbon footprint. Read more about our materials here.

We make our cat eye spectacles just for you. This means that they can never compete with your face or your personality. Their most important mission is to complement and support you, so you look the best version of yourself.

Every moment of your life is important. As well as making sure you communicate precisely what you planned to. Your appearance and what it signals to your surroundings is an important part of your personal branding. Wearing glasses from Carlottas Village will make you look great in all situations.

Find the right cat eye glasses to match your look

Since cat eye glasses will highlight your face and your facial expression, it becomes even more important to find a pair of cat eye glasses that suits your overall look. The size of the glasses should match or compliment the rest of your face.

Here the shape of your head and face is important to consider. A pair of cat eye glasses that are suitable for a person with a square face will not always look  good on a person that has either a long, narrow, round or diamond shaped face. That said, cat eye shaped glasses suit most faces.

If you have any doubt about, which of our designs that suits you, or someone you know the best, do not be afraid to contact us. We have many years of experience in helping our customers to find the perfect pair of glasses.

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The best glasses come with the best service

At Carlottas Village we care as much about our customers as we do about our products. Besides wanting to create the best and most stylish glasses and frames on the market, we also want to make a unique experience when you shop with us. Therefore, we guarantee you the best costumer support and the best service.

When you buy your classes with us, you always get speedy delivery. When you buy a frame only it will be delivered within 2-4 workdays depending on your location. When you buy a frame with powered or coloured lenses it will take around 2 weeks to produce and mount your personalized options and shop it to you. Furthermore, our customer service is always ready to help you find the right design. Many of our costumers have questions regarding how to match the right colours, how to find the right glasses for their head or face shape and a lot more. So, do not be shy, there is not a question that we have not heard and answered before. We make it completely safe to buy our glasses online. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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