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Recyclable | 24 months guarantee | Biodegradable

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Steel Glasses: Iconic Designs Updated to Modern Standards

Steel glasses are the type of eyewear that most closely resembles the first real glasses depicted in photographs and drawings. Much has changed since the first glasses – both in terms of lenses and frames. Thus, steel glasses have also evolved significantly over time. At Carlotta's Village we have updated iconic designs to modern standards, and our collection of steel glasses offers a minimalist and modern design.

Surgical Steel

We have chosen to use surgical steel for our steel glasses to enhance durability. Steel corrodes in contact with saltwater. Human sweat is salty water, posing a challenge for steel glasses exposed to sweat and other elements in everyday life. Surgical steel is considered the most corrosion-resistant version of stainless steel. Inspired by the use of surgical steel by doctors and dentists for their medical instruments, we therefore use surgical steel for our steel eyeglass frames.

Many Colors and Shapes

Steel glasses from Carlotta's Village come in many colors and shapes. They draw inspiration from the Scandinavian design tradition, adding an international and trendy touch while being lightweight and comfortable to wear. Our use of surgical steel ensures low maintenance, keeping the frames beautiful for a longer time, as they do not lose their luster over time despite daily exposure.

Suitable for Most Face Shapes

Steel glasses appeal to a wide range of people, regardless of style preferences and face shapes. The primary aesthetic difference between steel glasses and titanium glasses – also a popular choice – is that steel glasses have a more solid appearance. We create our steel glasses with you in mind. This means you can find the perfect pair that complements your features and highlights your unique personality. From rectangular frames that add structure to round frames that soften the face, there is a wide range of designs to choose from. Also check out our guide on which glasses best suit your face.

Sustainability and Steel Recycling

All our materials are recyclable and biodegradable, and of course allergy-friendly. The low weight and long lifecycle of our eyeglass frames contribute to a low carbon footprint.

Why Choose Steel Glasses?

One of the characteristics of steel glasses is their lightweight combined with a solid structure, making them comfortable to wear all day while adding sophisticated elegance to your appearance. The surgical steel's resistance to corrosion and its beautiful luster make steel glasses a popular choice.

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Alternative Carlottas Village Eyewear Materials

We also design glasses in materials other than stainless steel.

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