Recyclable | 24 months guarantee | Biodegradable

Recyclable | 24 months guarantee | Biodegradable

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Acetate Glasses - When You Won't Compromise on Beauty, Comfort, or the Environment

Glasses are more than just a vision correction tool, they are also a means of expressing your personality and values. If you are in search of unique design and a luxurious feel combined with sustainability and allergy-friendliness, our acetate glasses are the perfect choice.

Sustainable Plant-Based Material

At Carlotta's Village sustainability is ingrained in our DNA, and we incorporate sustainability into our choice of materials. This is evident in our acetate glasses, as acetate is made from cotton pulp, making it both recyclable and biodegradable. Moreover, cotton plants have a positive impact on the climate by reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere as they grow. Therefore, acetate glasses are not only a trendy fashion choice but also an environmentally conscious one.

Top Marks for Beauty and Comfort

Although acetate glasses may resemble a luxurious version of plastic glasses in appearance, there are significant differences. Acetate glasses have a silky-smooth surface and deep luster achieved through a meticulous production process. After cutting, the frames are tumbled with small wooden tablets for periods ranging from days to weeks, creating the distinctive glow of acetate glasses. Subsequently, the frames undergo a meticulous hand-polishing process, where they are treated with increasingly fine polishing machines and special wax. This results in the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

In terms of comfort, acetate glasses are exceptionally comfortable to wear and flexible. One distinguishing feature of plant-based acetate, which sets it apart from plastic, is its flexibility and adaptability to your face. By gently heating the front of the frame, it can be shaped to fit your facial contours perfectly. The same applies to the temple tips, which can be heated and bent for a personalized and comfortable fit.

Endless Color Possibilities

Acetate is renowned for its countless color possibilities. The material can be dyed in a wide range of shades and patterns, enabling the design of unique glasses for our trendy customers. This aligns perfectly with the original Carlotta philosophy: classic shapes in unusual colors or trendy shapes in classic colors. Whether you prefer your glasses in classic tones or more vibrant color variations, acetate glasses make it possible.

Why Choose Acetate Glasses?

Acetate's aesthetic appeal makes it an ideal choice for your glasses, which will be prominently displayed on your face and should look good. The flexibility and comfort of these glasses and the environmentally friendly production process further enhance their appeal and make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to combine beauty, comfort, and sustainability. The next time you need new glasses, consider acetate as a statement of both beauty and sustainability.

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