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Blue Light Glasses - a Musthave in 2023

When you purchase glasses from Carlotta's Village, you have the option to have the lenses coated with a blue light filter. This applies to all our lenses, with or without powers, including our sunglasses.

Blue Light Filter

Blue light filter is a transparent and invisible coating that can be added to your lenses to block the blue UV light from natural daylight and the blue light from LED lights and digital screens such as smartphones, computers, and TVs. It does not affect the visual appearance of your glasses, but serves as a tool to filter out a portion of the blue light that reaches your eyes.

Blue Light

In recent years there has been a lot of debate about blue light from screens and its side effects such as disrupted sleep and health issues. Our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Work, school, gaming, streaming, and online shopping are exposing us more and more to artificial blue light, which places higher demands on our eyes because blue light is more intense than other colors in the light spectrum and places greater strain on the eyes and the rest of the body.

However, blue light is not something new; we are just being exposed to it more frequently. Daylight consists of all colors of light, with a significant portion being blue. Protecting our eyes from the sun is something most of us have grown up with. We know not to stare at the sun, and we wear sunglasses when the sun bothers our eyes. With the increasing digitization of our daily lives, it has also become necessary to protect our eyes from indoor blue light, both from LED lights and our growing use of screens.

How Blue Light Filter Works

By adding a blue light filter to your lenses, you reduce your eyes' exposure to blue light, especially blue light from digital screens such as smartphones, computers, and TVs. The filter blocks a portion of the blue light, thereby reducing eye strain and the discomfort that can occur with frequent or prolonged screen use.

Why You Should Opt for Blue Light Glasses

Regular lenses do not provide protection against blue light. You need to add a blue light filter for that.

Artificial blue light from screens can lead to digital eye strain. This typically manifests as symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, and dry or burning eyes as a result of frequent or prolonged screen use.

Blue light also affects our sleep. Our sleep is disrupted because blue light affects our circadian rhythm and the body's ability to produce melatonin. In this way, blue light can negatively impact sleep quality and eye comfort, especially if you use digital devices in the evening and at night. By using blue light glasses, you can reduce the occurrence of digital eye strain and sleep problems caused by blue light and improve visual comfort during extended screen use.

Using blue light glasses should not be seen as a replacement for other good eye habits, such as proper lighting and taking breaks during prolonged screen use, but rather as an addition that your eyes will thank you for.

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