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FRSTPRNT 3D printed titanium

The Carlotta take on innovation & sustainability


Charlotte & Bo are a couple of inventive types, they always must try if something can be done. Especially if others say it cannot. 

 "When we brainstorm there is rarely far from thought into action, and that was how we ended up creating the worlds first one-piece 3D printed titanium sunglasses. Because we were told we could not."

The FRSTPRNT ONE sunglass is a technically complex product. Printed in raw titanium powder with the newest SLS technology. We have chosen to maintain the raw factory look of the surface to the highest possible degree and still have a pleasant wearable comfort. We did this to emphasize that this is a brand new type of product as the wearers of this sunglass would want to stand out from the crowd. We invented and patented the pattern of hinges to make them flexible enough to bend and fit the individual head shapes of wearers. 

On top of all this the 3D print methodology leaves no scrap as unused powder can be reprinted for the next batch and the material itself is non allergenic and makes no harm to nature. 

Conscious eyewear

At Carlottas Village we thought about sustainability long before it was a trend. Our glasses have a low carbon footprint. They all have a very low weight and a long lifetime. Our materials are recyclable and biodegradable. And - of course - they are all allergy friendly. We care as much about you as we care about our planet.

We carefully pick our suppliers and ensure that they comply with our standards by conducting licensed environmental and ethical trade audits.

We are not at all fully sustainable and who should actually be the ones to judge  that anyway? There are (still) so many different takes on sustainability.

Right now our take on sustainability is to try not to damage our beautiful planet by our acts. We are continuously working on this. As well as we persistently work to convince our suppliers that they must do this as well. As we need them to make great eyewear for you. 

Read the full story and background of Carlottas Village here:


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